" I love jazz, because of the songs we dance to and the new moves." Holly, Junior Modern Jazz.

"I have watched my daughters grow in not only ability but also confidence over the years in which they have attended the school. My younger daughter has been encouraged and supported through auditions for the Royal Ballet school. The school encourages every pupil to achieve their very best." Parent of Ballet and Modern Jazz pupils.

"Tap is great exercise, sociable, friendly and fun. I last did tap and ballet when I was 11 and loved it then as much as I do now." - Adult Tapper

"I really enjoy lessons at the school because we do shows at the theatre and we do medal tests which are great!" Grace, Intermediate Modern Jazz pupil.

"We currently have two daughters that attend Southwell Dance School and have done since it was founded. The girls are still as excited and enthusiastic now as they were in the beginning and I think this is a reflection on how welcome the girls are made in a very friendly, fun, yet progressive environment." Parents of Ballet and Modern Jazz pupils

"Thank you for a super show on Sunday. It was great! I felt nervous at the beginning but when I got changed I was really confident and happy. My Mum and Dad didn't recognize me in the lovely costumes. I can't wait till the next show!" - Imogen, talking about the 2011 school show.

"I won't forget my daughter's face as she came out the stage door looking so chuffed with herself. There was a huge buzz around the theatre, it was lovely." - Parent of an Early Years Ballet pupil, received after the 2011 show.